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Ending Sales PricePayout
Under $50 83% minus $0.99
$50 to $99.99    85%
$100 to $499.99    86%
$500 to $999.99    87%
$1000 to $2499.99    88%
$2500 to $4999.99    90%
$5000 to $9999.99    92%
$10000 and up    95%


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    Prepare your shipment and either fill out website form or put name and email in box on a piece of paper.

  • Mail us your package.

    Pack securely and ship to the address below.

  • Get paid

    When the auctions are all done and paid we send you money based on our rate table.

Consignment Form (Optional)
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The Fine Print



  1. We only accept raw and graded cards for consignment as of 6/9/22.
  2. Items will be listed within 3 weeks of receiving them (mail in only).
    1. However, orders of under 50 cards will typically go up within 1 weeks.
    2. If the order is over 50 cards it may take 2-4 weeks to get everything listed but it may be processed in batches over multiple weeks.
  3. Payouts will be determined based on our rate table.
  4. Payouts are based on INDIVIDUAL card sales prices and are applied to each individual item not the total sales.
  5. Paypal payouts (Goods and Services) are made within 2 business days after the request is made and are based on available balance.  We do not pay out using Friends and Family.
  6. Check payouts will be mailed within 5 business days after the request is made and are based on the available balance – please note these are subject to a $10 fee as we send them priority with tracking.
  7. ACH payouts ($5 fee) and Wire payouts ($30 fee) are also available and made within 2 business days.
  8. Sending us a list is required using the form here to do so will give both you and us a copy of what items we are selling for you.
  9. If there are multiple PSA 9s of the same card or “misses” we reserve the right to lot these items versus sell individually.
  10. If we determine most cards in an order will not receive bids, we reserve the right to return the order. We will contact you before returning. Please note most cards should sell over $10 and average $50 to take advantage of our services.
  11. Unsold Items: Every item will be listed at auction starting at $0.99 any item that goes without a bid will be subject to a $3 unsold item fee and the item will be kept in house.
  12. While we only sell graded items we will consider some memorabilia – signed baseballs, jerseys etc however please reach out before submitting as these require approval. We will not sell magazines, books, dolls etc.
  13. We will list fixed price for customers if the item sells consistently over $500 – we will do up to 10 cards – and an auto decline/ auto accept number is required.


  1. Raw cards are in at least nm/mt condition.  All graded cards are accepted.
  2. Cards are not altered in any way, shape or form.
  3. If there are any returned cards will be auctioned again and you may owe us the difference in value.
  4. (Zero Strike Policy) Under no circumstances are you permitted to bid on your own auctions. If you are caught doing this we will no longer accept cards from you.
  5. If a card goes unpaid it will be relisted 2-3 weeks after the initial sale ended.  
Mailing Address

PC Sportscards

Attn: Consignment

1983 Marcus Avenue, Suite 102

New Hyde Park, NY 11042

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