Successful PSA Submissions

PSA Group Submission

Express - $150 per card $2499 DV – OPEN

Regular – Coming Soon

PSA Personal Submission

Submission of 100 cards or more

Must create account with PSA

Potential for quicker service and better pricing

Personal SGC/CSG Submission

Submission of 50 cards or more

How to properly format your submission

Please follow these steps when creating a submission.

  1. Choose which service you want to use.
  2. Complete the proper form
  3. Mail your cards to our New Hyde Park office
  4. We will confirm receipt and give you an update that your list matches what we received
  5. We will process your submission to the chosen third party grading company within 5 days unless otherwise noted
  6. You will get an email telling you what submission you are in and your portal will be updated with the submission that you have been entered in
  7. You will get automatic progress emails sent to you along the way and will see all updates in real time in your portal.
  8. Once grades are complete we will send you an email with a payment link and an option to consign if you so choose.
  9. We receive the cards 3-4 days after they popped.
  10. We ship back or move your cards to consignment depending on your request.

Q - How long does the grading process usually take?

A - Cards ship every week to each grading company. Each grading company has it’s own turn around time which is estimated in the notes above.

Q - What is DV?

A - DV stands for Declared Value. Basically this is what PSA will use as a replacement value should something happen to your card(s) when they are in PSA's hands. When you are deciding on what to use as DV it is recommended to use what it will be in the grade you expect the card to get. If your card is deemed above the DV you noted PSA reserves the right to upcharge on that card. If there is an upcharge we will be forced to pass that on to you. These upcharges change and we will regularly update a section with what they are.

Q - How can multiple people submit the same card?

A - When we enter and package the cards we do it in order of the customers. There is always a slight chance of them mixing cards up when grading but in our experience it is extremely rare.

Q - Can I send for multiple levels in a single package?

A - Yes, please separate your packages internally with your name and level clearly on each different level.

Q - Can I send for multiple third party companies in a single package?

A – No, we require the labeling on the outside to tell us what company you are using and the risk for an error is too high for them to be in a single package.

Q - How will I know when my cards are graded?

A - You will receive an email with a notification. Also, you can follow along in your personal portal to see the status in real time.

Q - How do I make a payment? Do you send invoices?

A - You will get an email with a link in it. Simply click that link and you can pay.

Q - Do you clean or evaluate cards prior to sending them in for grading?

A - This is not a service we provide or plan to provide in the future.

Q - Can I have a personal submission if I send 100+ cards over all the different levels or is it just for one specific submission?

A - Personal submissions are for 100+ cards in one level and one era. It is not the total amount of cards that you send in.

Q - Is there a minimum amount of cards for any of the levels?

A - No we do not have any minimums. Bulk is just the name of the level so you can send as few as 1 card in if you want.

  1. No cap. No max/min per person.
  2. Multiple people CAN send the same card.
  3. You pay when we get the cards back from the grading company so it's one simple payment.
  4. You put a declared value next to each card. Maximum declared value varies per submission level. DV is based on graded value, if DV is above maximum you may get upcharged.
  5. You must submit a list of cards. That list should be in the same order when packaged. Your insurance to/from may differ from your total declared value.
  6. ROLLING SUBMISSION DATES - Cards due every Friday for submission the following Monday.
  7. We do not and will not clean cards.
  8. NEW - Please send cards to - PC Sportscards, Attn: PSA/SGC/CSG Submission, 1983 Marcus Avenue, Suite 102, New Hyde Park, NY 11042
  1. 2017 Panini Optic 188 Donovan Mitchell Red Holo 28/99 ($100)
  2. 2017 Panini Optic 188 Donovan Mitchell Pink Velocity 41/79 ($150)
  3. 2017 Panini Optic 200 Markelle Fultz Black Velocity 23/25 ($30)
  4. 2017 Panini Optic 198 Jayson Tatum Red Holo($100)
  5. 2017 Panini Select P7 Donovan Mitchell Downtown($125)
  6. 2017 Bowman's Best TP33 Vladimir Guerrero Gold Refractor ($50)
  1. Place all cards in card savers.  If they are in top loaders they will cost $1 per card for us to move to card savers.  If they are in mags they will cost $1 for us to move to card savers except if they are factory sealed you can leave them in with a post it note saying "ok to open" on it.
  2. Put cards in the same exact order as your list.  Top cards is card #1 and the last card is the bottom.
  3. Put your cards in graded card sleeves/team bag (about 10 per bag).
  4. Put your name, bag number and level on each bag. Example - Josh Cohen, Bulk 2017+, Bag 1 of 5.

Please note our process for receiving, listings, and paying out when you use consignment to pay for grading orders.

  1. Select cards from submission to sell via consignment by checking the boxes next to the cards and hitting “Request Convert to Consignment” button.
  2. We mark your submission as paid which results in a negative balance on your account.
  3. Cards will get listed in about 4-6 weeks after you convert the cards to consignment.
  4. We mark all items paid as they get paid which covers your submission cost.
  5. You request payment and we send you the balance or we tell you what is owed if your cards did not cover your submission cost.
  6. Please note - If you have multiple submissions and use consignment each one is marked as negative.  You will only get paid when you get into the positive and pending submission costs are covered.
Mailing Address

PC Sportscards

Attn: PSA/SGC/CSG Submission

1983 Marcus Avenue, Suite 102

New Hyde Park, NY 11042